Life’s a beach…


I’ve been doing some very different feltmaking lately.  After attending a brilliant workshop with the Russian Feltmaker, Katia Mokeyeva, I decided to sign up for an online course with her, exploring texture in felt. This beach was my final piece after doing lots of sampling which I found hugely inspiring and enjoyable.

From the sea to the mountains

Coming home from the Isles of Scilly after my exhibition opening night, I received a commission to do a felt painting of something much more local – the Langdale Pikes in Cumbria. It was strange to be working with greens and browns instead of blues and turquoises and to be ‘painting’ trees instead of boats! 

It’s really happening!

I have just received the online brochure for my exhibition at Gallery Tresco and I’m so excited! This time last year, an exhibition in my favourite gallery was just a dream and now it’s only a few days to the opening night party.

I’m exhibiting with John Bampfield and Maggie O’Brien and you can see our work in the first few pages of the brochure, along with the rest of the artists exhibiting during July. My work starts on Page 24.

Hope you like it!

Scilly Blues

I have just returned from Tresco after a week on the island gathering more reference material and just soaking up the wonderful atmosphere. It is such a blissful and inspiring place to be and so hard to tear oneself away when it is time to come home that I always get an attack of the Scilly Blues when I think about leaving. In fact, I sometimes get really choked up at the airport. And arriving back on the mainland and having to get into a car and drive on a road with traffic is temporarily soul-destroying (Tresco, in common with each of the islands apart from St Marys, has none of these things).

At least, I shall be back again soon for my exhibition at Gallery Tresco!

These are my most recent felt paintings for the exhibition and I’m really looking forward to getting back into the studio to create some more now that I am home again.




Time to share some exciting news…

I don’t know why I’ve been so nervous about sharing my Very Exciting News – maybe I was secretly afraid it was all a dream and if I shared it, I’d wake up and find it wasn’t true… Anyway, I have been offered an exhibition of ten felt paintings at Gallery Tresco in the Isles of Scilly in July. This is THE gallery that it was my ambition to exhibit at and I am so thrilled!

These are my first three felt paintings for the exhibition and I am going out to Tresco in just over a week so that I can work with my inspiration all around me.

I will post the rest of the paintings as I finish them. Hope you like them ☺️


Magazine article

This is an article about me in ‘Felt Matters’ – the Journal of the International Feltmakers Association:


First-time felters


Today, I was demonstrating how to make felt flowers at a fundraising event for Farlam Church. People could also ‘have a go’ and I had some lovely ladies and children trying their hand at making felt for the very first time. These are the results!image